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St. Kitts (Basse-Terre) Tours and Activities

Enjoy the best island sights on our St. Kitts tours. If itís your first time on the West Indies island, the highlights tour is the perfect introduction; youíll get to see Brimstone Hill Fortress and other European-influenced buildings in the area. Our St. Kitts tours also give you the chance to snorkel, hike and visit the neighboring island of Nevis. The list below features some more fun things to do in St. Kitts.

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Basse-Terre | St. Kitts |
St. Kitts Island Highlights

A great introduction to the French inspired capital city, the islands British influence and a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Brimstone Hill Fortress.

Tour Duration: 3 Hours

Basse-Terre | St. Kitts |
St Kitts Island Highlights and Frigate Bay Beach Combo

See the highlights of St Kitts including Bassterre, Brimstone Hill Fortress, then top it off with a beach stop at Frigate Bay Beach .

Tour Duration: 5 Hours

Basse-Terre | St. Kitts |
St. Kitts Rainforest Adventure

Experience the rare beauty of St Kitt's rich reservoir of bio-diversity on this rainforest hike.

Tour Duration: 4 Hours

Basse-Terre | St. Kitts |
St Kitts Snorkeling

Snorkel virgin reefs abundantly alive with an array of tropical fish, and see why snorkeling in St Kitts is so popular.

Tour Duration: 3 Hours

Basse-Terre | St. Kitts |
Nevis Highlights
Price: $195.00

Travel to the charming neighboring Island paradise of Nevis.

Tour Duration: 8 Hours

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