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Mazatlan Tours and Activities

Dance until the break of dawn or just relax with a nice game of golf in Mazatlan, one of Mexicoís most popular resort towns; no matter what your interests, youíll find fun things to do in Mazatlan. Our Mazatlan tours make the most of Mazatlanís gorgeous weather. You can ride an ATV through the jungle, zipline from canopy to canopy and even horseback ride on Mazatlanís many beaches. Dress light, bring a camera and join us today on our exciting Mazatlan city tours. You can find the full list of tours below.

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Mazatlan | Mexico |
La Noria Blue Agave and Traditions Tour
Standard Price: $57.00
Special Price: $47.00
You save: $10.00

Visit the traditional town of La Noria where you will see local artisans making leather crafts and you will learn firsthand how the blue agave plant is distilled into tequila.

Tour Duration: 6 Hours

Mazatlan | Mexico |
Mazatlan City Tour

Enjoy an excellent overview of this beautiful city, including its history, culture, and scenic points of interest.

Tour Duration: 4 Hours 30 Minutes

Mazatlan | Mexico | tour Riviera Maya Riviera Maya tour ATV tour Mayan jungle tour ATV tour mayan jungle
ATV Tour
Standard Price: $105.00
Special Price: $95.00
You save: $10.00

Have a blast and take an adventure through the Mayan jungle on an ATV. There's no more exciting way to tour Riviera Maya than with this action-packed ride.

Tour Duration: 4 Hours

Mazatlan | Mexico |
El Rosario Artisan Tour

See Mexican artists hand crafting colonial and palm leaf furniture, learn firsthand the techniques for making Mexican pottery, and admire quaint Mexican villages on this El Rosario tour.

Tour Duration: 7 Hours

Mazatlan | Mexico |
Copala Colonial Tour

Gain unique insight into Mexico's colonial heritage on this tour of three charming villages in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains.

Tour Duration: 7 Hours

Mazatlan | Mexico |
El Quelite Rural Tour

Visit one of the most picturesque villages in all of Mexico where you can relax and learn about Mexico's rural heritage.

Tour Duration: 6 Hours

Mazatlan | Mexico | Canopy and ATV tour Canopy and ATV tour from Mazatlan Canopy Tour ATV tour
Zip Line and ATV Tour
Price: $155.00

Fly across the Sierra Madre treetops on a zip-line, experience two thrilling nature walks, and drive a fully automated ATV vehicle on this exciting adventure.

Tour Duration: 6 Hours

Mazatlan | Mexico | Canopy Tour Sierra Madre Canopy Tour Sierra Madre foothills Los Osuna Tequila Distillery
Zip Line Tour
Price: $105.00

Zoom across the tree tops on this exciting canopy tour, take part in an amazing nature walk along the foothills of the Sierra Madre, and taste traditional meczal at a local distillery.

Tour Duration: 4 Hours

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