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Acropolis, City and Museum Tour
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Discover the most historical landmarks of Athens on this Athens sightseeing tour. Explore the breathtaking monuments of the famous Acropolis in addition to sights such as the Temple of Zeus, the Greek House of Parliament, and the Monument of the Unknown Soldier. Finish your historical journey through Athens with a guided tour of the Acropolis Museum.

You'll be able to fit in all the highlights of the city on this comprehensive Athens tour. After meeting your professional and English-speaking guide, you will begin your Athens walking tour with the underground Metro Museum. After a quick view of the historical pieces in this unique collection, you will continue to the beautifully crafted House of Greek Parliament and the Monument of the Unknown Solider to observe the famous changing of the presidential guards. Your tour continues towards the National Gardens and to the beautiful neoclassical Zappeion Hall, in front of which tower the surviving columns of the Temple of Zeus and Hadrianís Arch, both of which you will have the opportunity to visit. From there you walk towards the Acropolis through the beautiful pedestrian walkway of Dionysiou Areopagitou.

Continue your Athens tour among the breathtaking monuments of the city's ancient past. Standing high above the city, you will witness the magnificence of the ancient ruins located within the Acropolis. Begin your journey to the top of the Acropolis on the south side and visit Dionysus Theatre, one of Athens's oldest theaters, and the Dionysus sanctuary. Complete your journey to the peak of the Acropolis and tour the Parthenon, one of the greatest cultural monuments of all time and the essence of Ancient Greece. In addition to your Parthenon tour, you will encounter within the Acropolis many other ancient ruins, such as the Temple of Nike, the Erechtheion with its Porch of Maidens, and the Propylea, the gateway to the Acropolis. In addition to the marvelous ruins, the Acropolis provides an unforgettable view of the city.

WIth your friendly guide, explore the 4,000 artifacts found in the famous Acropolis at the incredible new Acropolis Museum. This museum is a great way to take you through Ancient Greece's past. The first level of the museum is The Gallery of the Slopes of the Acropolis. Tour through the relics that were discovered on the slopes of the Acropolis and the everyday ancient objects used by the Athenians. Because the museum is built on the ruins of Roman and Byzantine Athens and the archaeological site of Makrygianni, this first level's floor is transparent so you can view the excavations below. Just as the Acropolis ascends to high above the city, the first floor ascends, alluding to the Acropolis's slope. You will continue to the second floor and The Archaic Gallery. Explore the artifacts of the period of Athens when the city-state developed, when the aristocracy converted to tyranny and then to the first form of democracy. You will continue to the third floor and the famous Parthenon gallery. There you can observe a presentation about the Parthenon and its structure as well as an installment of the frieze of the Parthenon with the same dimensions as the inner chamber of the Parthenon. Nearly as significant as the artifacts is the remarkable architecture of the museum, which lets natural light flood the museum and offers spectacular panoramic views. Your tour of the Acropolis Museum will be unlike any Athens tour you take. It's a must-see for an unforgettable adventure through Athens's historic past.

This historical Athens tour is an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages, whether it's your first or hundredth time visiting Greece's capital city.

Please Note: As some guests may not be able to climb the Acropolis, and choose to have free time at the lower entrance or navigate the ruins at the Temple of Zeus, admissions to the Acropolis and the Temple of Zeus and museum are NOT included in your tour. Tickets can be purchased upon arrival at the sites. A combo ticket is available for both the Acropolis and the museum, and is approximately 31 EUR per person. Most sites do not accept credit cards. This tour ends at the Acropolis Museum.

Tour Size
Tour Type
Scenic, Cultural
Tour Duration
5 Hours 30 Minutes
Tour Departs From
Central Athens. (Full details will be provided in your electronic ticket upon confirmation.)
Activity Level
Food/Beverage Provided
Not Included
Recommended Dress
We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and sensible, flat-soled walking shoes. A hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen is suggested.
Guests must be able to walk over paved, cobblestone, marble, gravel, and packed dirt surfaces, many of which are at an incline, or are uneven. This tour includes approximately 1 hour of walking. The climb to the Acropolis is strenuous. Children ages 5 and younger may attend the tour free of charge.

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